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Session Preview 

Today, we are excited to share with you a preview of the BOCH Summit sessions. A conversation with attendees will follow each conversation. See full details under Schedule/ Dec 7 and Dec 8.  

Health Community Session

Health at the Community Scale 

Unique communities require unique solutions. As the health, well-being, and equity needs of every community will differ, it has never been more essential to engage community members to prioritize health-promoting building and neighborhood strategies. In this session, learn how practitioners across the built environment industry can use their varied dimensions of power and influence to challenge conventional project delivery, improving community health and equity. 


Debate: To Measure or Not to Measure Air Quality? 

Between COVID-19 variants increasing airborne risk and wildfire smoke clouding skies, the public is more aware of indoor air quality than ever. Experts across the building and public health industries agree that poor indoor air quality can have a profound impact on both physical and mental health, from creating and exacerbating respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses to decreasing cognition and productivity. But how does data play a role in the way we manage air quality-related risks? Top experts from both sides of the measurement debate will weigh in and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and share their own views. 

Improving Health Equity

Improving the Process for Health Equity 

The industry is on a journey to better understand the role that professions in the built environment play in advancing social equity. Hear case study examples of the successes and remaining challenges from community leaders, public health and building professionals. Come away with tools you can use to center equity in your current project work.  

Inside Out

Inside Out: Air Quality Research & Technology 

Get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest indoor air quality research and development with a National Laboratory’s building specialty team. These researchers are asking new questions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and developing innovations not yet on the market. You’ve heard that the pandemic will transform the way we design and manage buildings; come discover how indoor air sensors, IOT, air cleaning, and ventilation fit into the next generation of a healthy building.  

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