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Session Preview 

Today, we are excited to share with you a preview of the BOCH Summit sessions. A conversation with attendees will follow each conversation. Speakers and full details will be coming soon.  

Cooling Off

cooling off in a hotter world

Coming soon

Future of Work

Achieving Optimal Psychological Well-being in the Workplace

As we emerge from a global pandemic, the future of the workplace has a new focus on occupant mental health and well-being. What strategies are currently being used to achieve optimal psychological well-being in the workplace? We will discuss how strategies such as biophilic design, walkability, transparency of information, and the ‘Work from Anywhere’ model are impacting our mental health and changing how the modern workplace will function in the near future.


In this session, we will dig into not only what makes a healthy workspace for our mental well-being, but also what our future workplaces could look like.


Pioneering the Role of a Health and Sustainability Leader in Real Estate

There has been a growing recognition of the importance of managing human and planetary health in tandem. The trend was accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic. In this session we will hear from leaders who don't just populate an existing role & area of expertise in our industry, but have actively carved out and created the nascent field of health within sustainability.

They’ll share their stories on how they got to where they are, and how they leverage their unique experiences and expertise to connect and influence across public health, architecture, engineering, operations, sustainability, and technology in the service of better occupant and community health outcomes.
Join us to discuss: What does this role look like? What skills are needed to be successful at it? Where does the role fit in your organization, what gap does it fill? How can those of us in these roles find professional development, community, and support?


Contextualizing the Value of Technology Enabled Building Health

Ever thought that smart technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve health and wellness?

Significant technology is now available to measure and provide data on both indoor and outdoor environmental and air quality, and there is the potential to use this data to manage the indoor environment to achieve both energy efficiency and high quality, healthy, and safe indoor environments.  The panel will discuss the value of “low cost” sensor technology, reference air quality testing, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to manage building systems. LEED credits and WELL Buildings standard features that support the use of this technology will be identified.

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